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Following on from my ‘Experimenting with glue’ posts the other week, I have got back into my task of re-doing the ‘Tales to change the word’ brief after a short but very sweet trip to London. 
I have come up with an action plan, I want to get the reader involved in the process of reading the story in an effort to get them engaged with the characters and the morals of the story. What I’m aiming to do is design the short story into a magazine format that is visually interesting and changes from page to page, this will keep the reader interested because of it’s varied composition and change of pace throughout. 


As I have not set myself a time limit for this project I am taking my time on each spread, pushing myself to be a bit more experimental than usual and to try and develop a noticeable style. 

Along with the magazine I am going to have a series of posters that use quotes form Marie and the chair in the same style and using the same technique as I used in my ‘Experimenting with glue‘ post. This is to reflect the penultimate sentence of the short story ‘Some say they never existed.’ and it allows the reader to interact with the story by encouraging them to reveal what the posters say. 

Stay tuned for updates …. 


We were set a project a couple of weeks a go called ‘Type rules.’ We got together in groups and each group were given a type rule, ours ‘don’t overuse capital letters’ which I think was a good rule, it had to be 60 seconds long and could be done anyway we liked as long as it was a moving image. My group was made up of Amber, Lucy and Tasha…. best group ever? I think so 🙂

Our original plan was to do a music video but it turns out we are absolutely rubbish at re writing lyrics to a song so it evolved into a nightmare sequence where lovely Amber was being taunted by too many capitals…. just imagine the terror!

I am so pleased with the final outcome, the song we have chosen (Baptism by Crystal castles) fits it perfectly, not just the style but the timing of the shot change and chorus too. Considering we had over 8 minutes of film we have cut it down really effectively and managed to get our main points across in the allotted 60 seconds (helped by Amber’s ninja editing skills too).

Here is our final film, hope you enjoy 🙂

‘Don’t overuse capital letters’